Pure Harvest, A Family of Companies


Test Kitchen, Inc.

A laboratory for innovation & development

A leader and innovator in functional, plant derived products that enhance human performance, increase emotional resilience, and unlock personal potential. Test Kitchen develops high-quality wellness products available for all and we utilize cutting edge technologies to ensure those products are predictable and enjoyable. Every Test Kitchen product is specially formulated with premium quality ingredients to help give people an unfair advantage over their former selves.



A vertically integrated cannabis company

Believes in the transformative power of the cannabis plant to help individuals, businesses, municipalities, and states repair economic and social damage and build thriving communities. Pure Harvest Cannabis is based in Denver and currently has investments and operations in the Colorado and Michigan cannabis markets. We are on the cutting edge of the emerging cannabis industry and well positioned to capture additional opportunities in new markets as they come online. Our flagship dispensary is located in Dumont, Colorado.



A commercial provider of ultra-low carbon, renewable energy solutions

Through our proprietary energy optimization solutions, we offer any commercial operator the opportunity to become an ultralow carbon footprint business with the potential to eliminate their carbon footprint. DC Energy is addressing the industry’s problem of massive energy consumption by implementing patented technology to create solar-powered microgrids which allow operators to reduce or eliminate their dependence on carbon-based energy for their cannabis cultivation facilities. Our technology also applies to any business looking to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.