The Pure Harvest Family of Companies


Test Kitchen, Inc. is a laboratory for innovation and development.


We are more than a cannabis company; we are a leader and innovator in functional, plant derived products that enhance human performance, increase emotional resiliency, and unlock personal potential. Our philosophy is driven by a desire to make high-quality wellness products available to all and we utilize cutting edge technologies to make products that are predictable and enjoyable.

Our mission is to create amazing products that orchestrate the optimization of mind-body performance. Rather than reacting to changes in performance, we create products that allow people to proactively address their wellbeing and outlook. Our plant-based products are inspired by nature, scientifically crafted, and physician approved to help unlock human potential. Every Test Kitchen product is specially formulated with premium quality ingredients to help give people an unfair advantage over their former selves.


Pure Harvest Cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis company with its flagship dispensary located in Dumont, Colorado.


We believe in the transformative power of the cannabis plant to help individuals, businesses, municipalities, and states to repair economic and social damage and build thriving communities. Our vision is a world completely changed by the legalization of cannabis in which people are free to consume cannabis and build socially responsible businesses that benefit their local economies.

The legalization of cannabis presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comparable to the 21st Amendment, which repealed the prohibition of alcohol. The prohibition of cannabis has resulted in immeasurable social and economic harm and minority communities have been especially hard hit by the failed war on drugs. We see the legalization of cannabis as a means to correct the harms imposed by nearly a century of prohibition and create new opportunities for individuals and communities nationwide. Our mission is to ensure that everyone is able to benefit from the legalization of cannabis and help a new generation of entrepreneurs succeed on this new frontier.


DC Energy Group is a commercial provider of ultra-low carbon, renewable energy solutions to the cannabis industry.


Through our proprietary energy optimization solutions, DC Energy offers any commercial operator the opportunity to become an ultralow carbon footprint business with the potential to completely eliminate their carbon footprint. This applies to traditional business, like car dealerships, and new, energy-intensive market segments like cannabis cultivation.

Energy consumption and carbon emissions are rarely discussed when cannabis is the topic of conversation, but the industry, particularly indoor cultivation operations, is a big contributor to the national carbon footprint. DC Energy is addressing the industry’s dirty little secret by implementing patented technology to create solar-powered microgrids which allow operators to reduce or eliminate their dependence carbon-based energy.