The Pure Harvest Family of Companies


Test Kitchen is a living laboratory for human potential - an experiment and experience for creating and sustaining the highest expression of life, our best self. We at Test Kitchen are alchemists for the synergy of nature and science. Our mission is to curate empirical physiology (the way in which our body functions) and cultivate predictable pharmacognosy (plant-based medicine) to orchestrate the optimization of mind-body-performance. We believe that humans optimize and thrive when connected and aligned with our innate circadian clock. Test Kitchen has created the MAP (mind applied predictability) to direct and augment every day performance on a 24 hour clock. The goal is to optimize your gene expression, cognition, and hormonal harmony, while assisting in divergent thinking, creativity, and overall emotional resiliency. To put it simply our goal is to help you to become your best self and elevate your potential through plant based lifestyle formulas. Test Kitchen serves up this opportunity with a synergistic blend of plant-based nutraceuticals in three categories: PERFORM (mind-body wellness), POTENTIAL (mental-emotional well-being) and PLAY (fun and conscious party). Our menu features hemp, cannabis, mushrooms, adaptogens, and more, sourced from around the world and blending ancient wisdom with modern science. Each product is designed to “match” the time of the day with the desired experience: Morning for energy, focus, and confidence. Afternoon for balance and creativity, and evening for rest, stress reduction, party, and sleep.



Pure Harvest Colorado - Located in the mountains of Dumont, Colorado, we are a fully integrated seed to sale medical and recreational marijuana business and have functioned as a world leading research and development extraction laboratory since 2014.  In-house cultivation techniques utilize only organic best practices, a difference that can be tasted and felt.  Our medical store clinic was first established to provide quality treatment with compassion and convenience.  We offer recreational sales to adults 21+; we provide an alternative, natural way of healing & recreating.

Pure Harvest Hemp - At our hemp extraction facility located in Aurora, Colorado, we extract all endocannabinoid stimulating majors and minors. Our wholesale isolate is made from sustainable local Colorado grown hemp, utilizing best practice extraction and distillation methods to ensure stability and purity. One of our final products is the raw material for many Test Kitchen brands.



Lifestyle, Health, and Wellness

Love Pharm

  • Chews – NextGen CBD gummies
  • Clean – CBD tinctures and softgels
  • Pharm – CBD line for pets
  • Glo – Mushroom/cannabis gummies (Coming Soon!)

Elevated – Balms, lip Balms, energy

Wild Pet Blends – CBD line for pets


  • Hemparita – Hemp gummies and shooters
  • Mythic – Chocolate bars
  • Galaxy – Gummies
  • Sofa King Medicinal (SKM) – Flower, wax, shatter, sugar wax, live resin



Solar Cultivation Technologies and DC Energy
Solar Cultivation Technologies, Inc.
is taking the cannabis industry into a greener, cleaner, self-sustaining future with green energy and cannabis production technologies. SCT’s patent pending Infinergy Super Grow™ system is the result of years of confidential research and development in a large-scale commercial cultivation warehouse in Denver, Colorado, and ongoing research at their Englewood Colorado facility. Colorado has emerged as a leading hub for cannabis research and development and is becoming widely recognized as the “Silicon Valley” of cannabis. ​

DC Energy - a commercial provider of ultra-low carbon, renewable energy solutions. Through our proprietary energy optimization solutions, DC Power and Storage Systems offers any commercial operator the opportunity to become an ultralow carbon footprint business with the potential to nearly eliminate their carbon footprint. Our advantage comes from our ability to unify all electrical requirements and to power them with solar and battery storage while utilizing available tax credits and utility incentives. 



Love Pharm - a multi-channel media company, led by Pure Harvest’s in-house physician, innovator, and media personality, Dr James Rouse. We are the only education and inspiration providers of plant-based lifestyle medicine, the formula for ‘Elevating Human Potential’. The platform will serve the public in transmission of world-class community engagement and entertainment while providing a direct-to-consumer platform for seamless transactions of both proprietary and partner brands. Dr James has experience in both short and long-form infomercials, 20 plus years experience with broadcast television and had the number # 1-weekend call-in radio show in Colorado. James’ on and off-air experience will create a multi-media space serving and selling channel unmatched in the plant-based product space.