We identify opportunities, develop products, and build businesses in dynamic industries. Pure Harvest applies extensive capital markets and business development experience in rapidly growing industries to help businesses unlock their true potential. Our companies are using science and technology to develop commercial solutions for everyday problems.


We are changing the game in the plant-based lifestyle consumer product industry with our NextGen Hemp and East Asian mushroom products. The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) is complex and little-known, and our innovation is leading to never before conceived products with life changing results. Many who suffer feelings of sadness, stress, and anxiety to lack of focus and energy to sleep deprivation can benefit by addressing the ECS. We blend ancient wisdom and modern science in our Test Kitchen with intention: PERFORM (mind-body wellness), POTENTIAL (mental-emotional well-being) and PLAY (fun and conscious party). Our menu features hemp, cannabis, mushrooms, adaptogens, etc., to feed mind-body performance sourced from around the world. Each product is designed to “match” the time of the day with the desired experience – AM: energy, focus, and confidence; Afternoon: balance and creativity; PM: rest, stress reduction, party, sleep.


The cannabis plant, consisting of the non psychoactive plant, Hemp, and the psychoactive THC producing plant, marijuana, are some of the oldest plants in history, dating back 2,500 years. The active components of the cannabis and hemp plants, cannabinoids (i.e. THC, CBD, CBG), have many health benefits. In cancer they have inhibited tumor growth and have killed cancer cells in lab testing. Our cancer patients use cannabis to suppress the effects of the disease and the side effects of chemotherapy treatments. For seizures medical marijuana is an effective treatment by relaxing muscles from its antispasmodic qualities. Oils from the plant are also used for less severe ailments such as arthritis, mild pain, insomnia, anxiety, and many others


We offer accessible education about the endocannabinoid system, the benefits of and how to address it, and a forum where consumers can ask questions, tune in to news, gain education, discover new products, be entertained, and more. We promote holistic self care from plant-based lifestyle medicine to mediation, yoga, and exercise to diet and sleep. Content consists of interviews, information, products, and all the tools you need to Elevate Human Potential.


We invest in solar and LED lighting technology to reduce the footprint in our own facilities and offer the same know-how and intellectual property to our customers. Total power requirements in the Cannabis sector have tripled since 2013 and will increase by 162% by 2022. This excessive use of energy and creation of greenhouse gasses is unsustainable, expensive and creates an unacceptable carbon footprint.