We elevate human potential through innovation in plant-based medicine and food while educating and entertaining
through our media platform. NextGen HempTM is the evolution of hemp derived cannabinoids in everyday lifestyle products designed to enhance the life experience for everyday working professionals, students, parents, and grandparents. We believe in doing well by doing good and implement the same green energy technology in our facilities that we offer to your environmentally conscious business.


Pure Harvest is developing plant-based consumer products utilizing traditional nutraceutical ingredients, hemp-derived cannabinoids, and other proven ingredients designed to unlock human potential. We use the finest ingredients and raw materials, sourced from round the world, to create products that work with the body’s natural cycles and rhythms to improve focus, increase awareness, and facilitate exceptional mind-body performance. Made with a mix of modern science and ancient wisdom, our products harness the natural power of superfoods, medicinal herbs, and other plants to promote wellness, mindfulness, and provide an unparalleled consumer experience. 


Pure Harvest entered the cannabis industry in 2020 through the acquisition of multiple licensed hemp and marijuana businesses in the State of Colorado. The cannabis industry has experienced remarkable growth since Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for recreational purposes in 2012 and the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized industrial hemp, has created additional opportunities in the cannabis space. Pure Harvest is poised to grow with the cannabis industry in the coming years through continued investment in its hemp and marijuana operations.


Pure Harvest is creating a media platform to inform, educate, and entertain people interested in our products and businesses. This media platform will provide a forum where people learn about our products, access research and other important information, and take part in a community of like-minded individuals. Using our media platform, Pure Harvest customers will be able to participate in an immersive experience that educates consumers and supports our product offerings. 


Pure Harvest has made substantial investments in renewable energy as part of its corporate sustainability initiative. When faced with the huge energy requirements and electricity bills in cannabis cultivation, Pure Harvest built a solar company to solve the problem. Now Pure Harvest is preparing to roll out this solution nationwide in an effort to promote sustainability and reduce the cannabis industry’s reliance on fossil fuels. 


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